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Welcome to the home of the Greedometer® investment risk gauge.  Information on this site is intended for retail investors. (in order to protect intellectual property, input parameters have been redacted on the image of the Greedometer to the left)

Greedometer and S&P500 2000-2013



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Two gauges have been developed that represent levels of investment risk exhibited in the S&P500 stock market index. The Greedometer gauge provides insight into strategic risk levels i.e., the chances of a long term stock market top or bottom occurring.  Its main objective is to warn in advance of major / historically important stock market crashes. In the period from 1881 to 1999, the Greedometer would likely have warned on three occasions, yet as of January 2014 is providing its eighth warning since year 2000.

Greedometer sequence 2007-09







The mini Greedometer gauge provides insight into risk attributed to the S&P500 on a more tactical basis and is intended to be used in conjunction with the Greedometer gauge. It is intended to provide insight into interim market tops and bottoms during a protracted collapse.


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